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Originally Posted by manutdas11 View Post
Well, the first time I did it, it took me around an hour because I was unfamiliar with it and I was nervous about getting anything wrong. Hopefully I take less time this time around. PBX new is like 280? You can probably get a used one for around 200 or less. I thought about getting the AA tune, but I didn't want to remove my ECU as I NEED my car and It's about $500. I was just interested in eliminating the throttle lag.
SV Concepts in Los Gatos is an official AA vendor. Just drive down and flash your ECU there instead of removing it. I also want to remove my lag, not to crazy about power.

When you do get AA tune, best to get dyno runs and show it to AA so they can custom your tune based on the dyno and your ECU file.