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I'm sure the conversion would have went very smoothly, only thing is, i already got this painted before i realized that this bumper had the headlight washer cutouts... i don't have headlight washers on my car nor do i want them; just getting the covers to fit in there looks tacky because there are gaps intentionally left on the sides of the holes to allow the headlight washer to move freely in and out. so... if i got them filled in and painted again, that's another couple hundred dollars i have to dump into it again regardless of the parts i need.... :/ it just seems like a lot less of a hassle to just put in an M3 rep...

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Hey I just did the conversion on my pre LCI e90.

The lower grills are readily available with many suppliers.

If you want to save some change and you don't mind not going OEM on the fogs, aftermarket e60 fogs actually fit right in with the pre lci mtech bumpers.

Fender liners are not absolutely necessary. You could actually just get your body shop to trim down the original ones. The only issue is that you won't be able to bolt the bumper to the fender liners, not that it's absolutely necessary though.

Just have the bumper screwed in on the top and bottom (with the under engine panel adapter) and your good to go. I actually have an under engine adapter for sale if you're interested at all.
**For those of you in California that are interested, i'm traveling down to Redding, CA for the New Years holidays, i can gladly meet about half way for a sell or trade... for me, it kills two birds with one stone so to speak... i also have some other military buddies in San Diego i can go see... ^__^