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Originally Posted by agentm View Post
I didn't know civil engineer knows the law as much as ppl in sevice of the law. Do you think traffic engineers can monitor ever street and area? As sociologist, human makes the law. One major accident and the government start making law for it. In another countries they are laughing at this.

AS to going back to the topic, we should be looking at the ratio of good driver and bad driver on the road. Government using an excuse to make more money from us. Here in TO. most ppl drives at least 15km/hr and over the limit.
To answer your question yes - traffic engineers monitor every street and area. When roads are designed the alignment and grade determine the speed limit. Once the road is opened further monitoring tasks place in order to validate that the design critera used were correct.

In order to change speed limits traffic studies have to be undertaken (which I agree with you accident frequency is looked at) and then engineering must be completed to validate the change.
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