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I would just like to update this thread.
I have since decided to get a Kinivo BTC450 instead of the BB Music Gateway. The reason is because the guy who was supposed to sell me a brand new music gateway was a flake.

The BTC450 is not only a A2DP module (music only), but also acts like a HSP, HFP, and AVRCP. This means I am also able to answer calls with the device and has a mic! So its a whole hands free device!
Cost: $40 from Amazon.

First impressions:
Neat, sleek look. Thin wires. Short 12v adapter that comes with a usb slot! I am actually able to close the arm rest with it still plugged in. I have this device mounted (it comes with 2 double sided tape) to the southeast of the boot on the wood part.

Connection to my phone, Nexus 5, was very easy.
The music/sound quality is great! No loss of loudness (I had read that the music gateway has that problem where it decreases volume). Sound is pretty clean and crisp, as if using a aux cable, which surprised me.
I tested calling my sister and she said that she can hear me pretty clearly.

The device automatically turns on/off when you start the car, which is what i wanted. In addition, it has an multifunction button and a next song and last song button. The multifunction button allows for voice command/dialing (if your phone supports it), redial last number, and music play/pause.

Conclusion: Even though I spent more than what I had hoped for a A2DP BT device for my car, I am very satisfied with quality and functionality of this product.
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