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Originally Posted by Pseudo Nim View Post
What? No - you really didn't read his post, did you the DIY is for people who may not have had the wires in the first place. But then a long discussion came up - if we have a recent model car, have all the wiring in place and do a full steering wheel swap, maybe we can activate the paddles in software? And that's what zaph tried (and failed) to do, he ce he reverted to the original DIY.
Exactly as Pseudo states. I did read the DIY, but in this thread there were a couple of fellows who did the complete steering wheel swap as I did, tried coding, or only did the wiring from behind the steering wheel to the center console and still could not get it working.

My message to these guys is simple and clear: Detach the paddle plugs from the MF housing and make the wire inside the steering wheel also (even if everything is already connected there) as described in the DIY

Even if everything is in place (a.k.a wiring) in the complete steering wheel, it will not work with only the steering column to center console wires. (nor will it work by coding)

Sorry if I confused everybody, but you guys who are taking your MF switches from a non paddle wheel, and buying the paddle wheel + paddles separately and assembling everything together, don't pay any notice to my posts. Just follow the DIY to the letter.

My post are intended for those who bought a complete paddle shift steering wheel with MF switches in place. I.e a bolt on package.