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Originally Posted by BlackJetE90 View Post
Going to Houston seems like a Durant like move. Houston would have to clean house to afford Harden, James, CP3.

It would be more fun to see him turn around the Lakers, take some of his buddies to LA. Bring back the old Showtime Lakers, average a triple double dishing it out Magic style. After all he now owns two homes in Brentwood.
Not necessarily. It all depends on if we can offload Anderson and his whale of a contract. He's a liability on the court and makes an insane amount of money so he'll be tough to get a team interested. If we did make a move for Lebron though, Gordon would have to get traded as well. I would hope they could somehow find a way to keep Capela though.

The owner (Fertitta) already said he's ok with paying the tax penalties on the salary cap if they go over. He just wants a ring.

That's exactly what Golden State have been doing too. If they keep their current roster with their current contracts, they'll be paying nearly $250M in tax penalties alone pretty soon.....which is crazy and unsustainable obviously. But still, they've been doing it this way to get rings and it's working.