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17” Group Buy Update

With 43 pledges locked in and over 100 enthusiasts currently listed as interested, this deal is quickly closing in on the maximum discount of $300 off plus free shipping!* With 13 days remaining, there is still plenty of time to join our 17” VS-5RS Group Buy and claim your own set at this incredible price point.

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17” Customer Feature

Alec’s Space Gray E90 335i on 17” APEX VS-5RS wheels

While 18s and 19s are commonly run on the E9x non-m chassis, we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase these 17s on one of these cars. With aggressive drag fitments and taller sidewall tires being a popular option on modified E9X chassis, the VS-5RS are a natural fit.

17x9.5 ET35 Square

APEX Fitment notes:
Fitment shown: Brushed clear VS-5RS
17x9.5 ET35 Front & Rear VS-5RS on 255/40-17 NT01 tires
5mm front spacers used for strut clearance

17x9.5 ET35 square isn’t often run on the E9X cars but it can work with additional negative camber dialed in up front for clearance. This wheel fitment is an easy fit in the rear of the car with wider tires and taller tire sidewall options including 275/40-17 and is the choice of drag racers looking to exploit a meatier tire option ¼ mile at a time. 17x9 ET30 can be run up front for an easy staggered setup or all-around for a perfect OEM+ square fitment.

17x9 ET30 Square

Fitment shown: Anthracite VS-5RS
17x9 ET42 Front & Rear with 255/40-17 Toyo RR slick tires
12mm spacers used Front and Rear to give an effective offset of ET30

17x9 ET30 is our default square recommended fitment for this platform. Despite the smaller diameter wheels, the optimized barrel profile of both of these wheel fitments easily cleared the large aftermarket brembo brakes. Aggressive Toyo Slicks are showcased on this set of wheels as a carryover from our shoots on SPEC E46 3 series race cars.

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19” Bronze Fitments Inbound

By popular demand, we’ve added Satin Bronze as a finish option to one of our most popular 19” fitments. Our current lineup of 3 finishes has already proven to be quite popular within the BMW community, but we aren’t done yet. By popular request including some of our own staff members who own F87 M2s, we’ve decided to introduce Satin Bronze in a staggered 19” fitment. Despite being engineered for the M2 Competition, these 19” wheels will work well on other BMW chassis like the F8X M3 and M4 or other applications with spacers.

The Details

19x9.5 ET28
19x10.5 ET45

Our most popular fitment for the M2 has been reborn. This versatile fitment is returning with an all new look.

A Closer Look

We are launching these wheels on short notice and don’t have on car samples, but we hope you’ll appreciate these photo-realistic renders put together by our team. True on car shots of this finish on other applications will also be included to give you a better sense of how the color looks in varied lighting conditions:

These wheels have already been produced and are en-route. The first run is a small production run made to satisfy immediate demand and help us justify future expansion of bronze options within the BMW space. These wheels are arriving in Mid August and are currently available to pre-order on our website.
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