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OMG... so get this. I was told to come by right. I go by today after work to get that taken care of. I walk in and hardly anybody is left at the service counters which its end of day no big deal. I just walk up to the only guy pretty much there and I stand... and stand... and look at him... and stare off into space... and stand some more.

Then he finally asks if I need help and I told him Tonya told me to come by and get the car topped off, so then he's like you can buy some oil, so I said, well that's not what it sounded like to me. Then I proceeded to be like no thanks I'll come back when the lights on. He said I still have to pay for it. Then irritated I called BMWNA to find out what the real deal is since even BMWNA told me at the light they are required to top it off.

I asked them again and the guy was like yeah, then said hold on let me make sure. He comes back after telling me yeah they have to, and saying no. Burn off is not part of the maintenance program no matter how oil you lose. I proceeded to say.. soooo I could run my car dry of oil, and blow up the motor before they would add oil He said yeah pretty much. He said most dealers though do give top offs for free as a customer service incentive since it's really a small thing to do and makes people happy even though it is not required. I feel like that guy behind the desk gave two shits about helping since I stood there forever. 50k no maintenance my ass. I'm going to have to order some damn oil now from Tischer or my friends dealership.
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