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Originally Posted by TDIwyse View Post

I replaced all my oil lines recently due to being in there for a different project, and had easy access to all of them. However, I did wonder how one would go about replacing this line without removing all the other stuff ... Is there an alternate way to gain access to this connection at the block without having to remove all the turbo's and exhaust manifold?
I had to do this my early days of my D ownership. Not to say this is the correct way, but it did work for me and was a real pita. Here is what I did.
-remove a/c belt
-unbolt a/c compressor
-unbolt a/c bracket
-remove airbox
-remove vacuum accumulator box and some associated vacuum connections
-remove turbo heatshields
-remove the 5 bolts holding the turbos, but not the turbos

All of that gave me enough space to undo the bottom banjo bolt. It almost was enough space to do without unbolting the turbos, but needed extra 5mm as the bolt was hitting the turbine housing of the LP turbo, so that needed to move a tad. This was a while and I may have some faded memories and curse words when I did this. Truly do not wish this for anyone to do unless you are removing the turbos for other purposes, but if you do, replace the #1 turbo oil feed line anyway, just so you do not have to do it in the future.

PS: TDIwyze, I am curious about your "other" project. I bet it is something to do with what those scandinavians could do to the hot side of that LP....