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Originally Posted by BimmerBoomer View Post
Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
I don't think anyone should take a vow of poverty.

I think people should practice charity according to their conscience, not by government mandates.

I also don't think people should exercise largesse with other people's money.

Much less, "spread other people's money around."

See the difference?
Social and infrastructure spending enables the creation of wealth: it is just good business, not charity. American public largesse is another problem with deep roots in your political history; the money could be spent far more effectively. Anyway, none of this has anything to do with hypocrisy.
Infrastructure spending isn't the issue - it's welfare, immigration costs, etc.

Democrats tend to want to use public money to help those with less; Republicans feel its a personal issue of charity.

The hypocrites present themselves as generous- but the reality is they're generous with everyone else's money.
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