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Originally Posted by gjm120 View Post
There needs to be just one big "I hate Trump" thread. When Obama was president I got really tired of the incessant bashing. I even had a friend's email directed to junk until he quit sending me all the 'Michelle's a man' type bs.

BUT, the anti Trump stuff has gotten silly. The worst thing that maybe happened with the Russians is that they got emails that showed Hilary cheating on debates, cheating on the primaries and more sent to Wikileaks. And just maybe, maybe Trump had something to do with it. Sorry that isn't a traitor to me as much as I disagree with Trump on a lot of things.

I mean it this time - I'm outta this section.
Nah, some of us are of the opinion that we do not like what we are witnessing and hearing and we certainly aren't alone. For some, hate does not enter into the picture and it is genuine concern for the country.