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If you paid with a credit card you can dispute the charge and get your money back. if not, take him to court. good luck.
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The damage to the rims is one thing, but the fact that I haven't received one of the rims and that the tires have so little tread on them they are unsafe to drive on and that they are all different brands is a whole different story. Then there is the issue of packaging. I would have paid for boxes! but instead they arrive at my house like this:

and here you can see the 3 different brand tires:
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if u paid em a lot, a chargeback would work for sure. but then ud lose your ebay and paypal account.
not true, i've had to do a few chargebacks and my paypal account still works fine and i don't think your paypal account has any relation to what happens on your eBay account.
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And BMWM3 ..I will be filing a harrasment suit against you and/or charges. See you in court very very soon. Thanks.. Have fun with your nonsense.

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