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That was a great season this year.

BMW was nowhere to be seen on the front rows, but well. Citroen did capture most of the awards. But from mid season on there was some good competition between brands for the top spots.

The championship was also very disputed between the 3 main Citroen drivers. Although the new kid did get a head start and showed an impecable season with no mistakes and no ill luck, at many points it could have turned, should luck strike another way.

Anticipating next year now, the story doesn't seem to include more BMW action, sad with the availability of the 2-racing that is almost spec for WTCC, but anyway. Muller will have to show he is still the master of the game and past season was just an accumulation of bad luck. It's certainly a possibility, but Lopoez may very well prove to be made of the thougher stuff, it's no mistake he won.