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Originally Posted by blackbeast06 View Post
I figured it out (in line at Taco Bell drive through)! With the car running I pressed and held the odo reset button. Then the service warning light that was due showed up in the display. While continuing to press the odo reset button I pressed and held the BC button simutaneously. Then I simply flipped through the the icons that needed to be reset and pressed and held the BC button while a little clock showed up next to the word reset. A check mark then appeared and I scrolled to the next due warning light and did the same. I shut the car off and then restarted it and all the lights were gone!
Tried this on my sister's car and it worked: vehicle : 2007 328i 2dr coupe (e92 automatic)

1. with engine running
2. press and hold odometer
3. service light will appear (yellow triangle)
4. while still pressing odometer press the BC button on the turn signal stalk
5. navigate to desired reset function such as brakes by pressing the BC button
6. to reset, press and hold BC button
7. a rotating hand of a clock will appear
8. press BC button again and a check mark in a box will appear
9. turn off/on engine to confirm that indicator light has been reset.