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Originally Posted by e92stealth View Post
WARNING: I purchased these less than a week ago, and WELL after your company discovered the design flaws. Your website made ZERO mention of this, and is currently misleading consumers. Further, all your daytime pictures are misleading, taken from the ground level. For anyone on the fence, don't bother upgrading, they are actually worse than v3's. If you are concerned with daytime visibility, don't be misled, these do not look good PERIOD. And yes, other companies selling similar led products are even worse, but for $250 and a brand new product launch, I am very disappointed.

The outer ring on my stock bmw bulbs ARE brighter in the daytime than yours, and are viewable at ALL angles. While I don't much care for them, they are in fact superior in outer ring visibility during the day.

If you want a sick looking angel eye AT NIGHT, go with lux. But if you want a classy look, and not a bmw that appears to have only 1 daytime angel eye per side lol forget about these. Not to mention, the flickering could have been dealt with if the V4's truly required 1 year of development. To say you didn't know, HAHA what a load. 1 year and no one noticed, with all the testing, don't even bother.
Again if you are that unhappy please send me an e-mail so we can start the return for you on these. We did not make any mention on our website at that time because we were still investigating the problem and wasn’t sure which models or cars it would affect.

As for pictures - again you are complaining about the design of the headlights and that the outer rings are visible only from certain angles - THIS IS NOT A FLAW OF THE LUX H8 V4!!! The outer rings are only visible from around eye level and best viewed from 20 feet away or more. The best scenario we can give is imagine what these lights look like from the car in front of you , or a car coming down the road.

For brightness, you are confusing Color temperature/contrast brightness. The stock bulbs are a much warmer color temperature so there is a contrast in color between daylight and the light from these. The LUX H8 V4 are the same color as daylight so you don’t have that contrast to show how bright the lights are. As we said earlier, the LUX H8 V4 bulbs are 2-3 x as bright as the stock halogen bulbs depending if the headlights are on or not.

Lastly to your comment “To say you didn't know, HAHA what a load” We are telling the truth with these. We tested these lights on most every car for about 8 months and we never once heard of the lights pulsing at startup. If we did know about this we would have looked to make changes before we mass produced these lights.

SO again, e-mail me if you have any further comments and if you would like to return these. and please stop making this argument personal like you have a vendetta against us.