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Originally Posted by Shazmonkee
Okay, I'm going to put my two cents here. My personal experience with LUX has always been fantastic. This has nothing to do with the V4, but the V3 Amber, and the reason why I'm chiming in is because people are bashing on LUX's credibility. I've purchased two sets of these V3 Amber bulbs for my angel eyes and fog lights.

First of all, the product and service is never less than amazing. I've actually had one of the v3 amber bulbs fail on me, more likely due to the lifetime usage than any actual manufacturing defects. The warranty period for me was way over the expiration date, but LUX was kind enough to provide a really good price for replacement; and I didn't have to bash them to hell, like I see people doing here, to get the lights replaced.

And two things that bother me about what was mentioned way more than it should've been:

Light output / temperature: there's a difference between output/lumens and temperature/kelvins. Basically, one rates the actual brightness of the bulb, and the other rates the color of the light, respectively. Anyone that complains about LUX being not bright enough is ignorant as to how light works. Obviously a yellow color light will be more visible during the daytime; that's why I got the Amber version because its visible on the brightest days. The white version on the other hand is daylight temperature, so you can put the brightest possible bulb in there, and it would still be nearly invisible on the outer ring. It's the design of the angel eyes that make it this way--not LUXs fault, they're only trying to improve the outdated look of our stock angel eyes, and they do a good job of it.

Light distribution: Let's be freakin' realistic here people. Cars in front of you or pedestrians aren't 2 feet in front your vehicle. In a real world setting, the LUX functions the exact same way the OEM bulbs do. This is because of the design of the OEM headlights. BMW designed the light optics, so why is everyone blaming LUX for the "uneven" look? The outer ring will always look "dimmer", but in a real world setting, they look as even as those headlights can get. I've been in front of my own car as well as other E92s (there's a lot in California) in sedans and trucks, and the visual of the LUX angel eyes are phenomenal. What I'm trying to say is, the point of the angel eyes are to be DRLs (making others know your vehicle is there from a DISTANCE), so in a real-world situation, we would typically be AT LEAST 20 feet away from any vehicle or pedestrian.

I am not a LUX fanboy, and I rarely write this much or even write reviews, but the amount of complaining about LUX and their integrity is ridiculous. You guys all drive BMWs. They're expensive in all aspects, including quality aftermarket parts. If you're going to complain about paying a few hundred dollars for a quality product and superb service, go to eBay. You can go make a risky purchase and possibly get a poor quality product and no post-sale service.
Could not agree more with you
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