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Originally Posted by Litos
my last few FML's were so miniscule and so off the radar, that it's not even fair to post them.

my life is awesome.

i have a smoking hot skinny wife with awesome tits - my kids are beautiful and healthy - i make twice the national average in income - my parents are still alive and together after 40 years - i sit at "work" and post on 5 different car/motorcycle forums - i own 2 Challengers - have a nice home - and my wife cooks in her panties pretty much every single day

example: my last FML was yesterday when my wife didn't put enough "butter" on the popcorn at the movies just before we sat down to watch Despicable Me 2.

the second FML was when my wife accidentally woke me up from my 4 hour Sunday nap on the couch by playing Animal Kingdom on the 3DSXL.

i tell ya - my life is too easy, ya'll......

...BUT, if i have any FML moments, i'll be sure to post them up.....
So you only make 80K a year?