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Originally Posted by ga-bmwdrvr
Do you mind if I ask you where you got yours? You post two threads that criticize how immigrants display flags of their country yet you have a mexican flag on your sig (unless you change it once again). You imply that I am ignorant with my comparison yet you insist that what bothers you about immigration is that they are breaking the law. Are there laws that it is ok to break? Is the speed limit just a useless law, or does it take safety into consideration? I beleive that it was you that used the example about running a light when it wqas broken is still breaking the law. Now that it is clear that ILLEGAL immigrants are not what bother you (as you have stated many times), what REALLY bothers you? Enlighten us with your higher education. You reply really shows off your intellect and maturity.
By the way:
BS in biology with major in molecular biology - University of Puerto Rico
MD - UPR school of Medicine
Pediatric Residency - Brooke Army Medical Center (served for 11 years)
And before you say "oh, UPR, WOW", I scored in the top 10% on my SAT's nation wide and top 25% on my MCAT without taking a review course. In high school I scored in the top 5% on the ASVAP and ALMOST accepted an offer by the Navy to go into nuclear engineering.
And just so you don't think I'm BSing, here is a pic of me serving our country in the Medical Corps in my younger days. Show us your pic.
God bless you, my friend. And congratulations and a sincere heart-felt thank you for serving our country. I don't have anything against you personally.

I was making fun of you for your completely illogical and irrelevant comparison of Illegal Immigration to speeding. Nothing more, nothing less.

Can you explain further how you’ve come to the conclusion that it is NOT Illegal Immigration that bothers me? How and where have I given you that impression!