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Originally Posted by CMD
There was nothing wrong, of course. It's due to a small minority of sniveling little whinners that don't know how to deal with having an adult discussion. All they know how to discuss horsepower and pussy. And even then they're mostly shallow. They're immature little babies. And damnit if they don't know how to handle it, by God no one else will get to.
You obviously believe your Mexican Tourism thread was closed following complaints to admin .... as my post was the last in the thread I would like to make it clear that I did not make any complaints (except to you for posting this stuff).

Perhaps you should ask the mods why it was closed? I suspect it is because your chosen topic is controversial and occasionaly offensive.

The other thread which 'disapeared' was well beyond anything you posted and I would imaging the mods deleted it almost immediately they read it. It's content would actually have been illegal in the UK where 'incitement to religious hatred' is actually a crime.

It's not that people cannot enter a reasoned intelligent debate about adult issues (you will probably agree that I did just that in response to one of your earlier posts). Instead I believe that the problem is that many do not want to debate this issue in this forum, but are dragged into it by your posts.

In short, I don't think I am the only one who would prefer you to focus on other matters in your posts.