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Originally Posted by ybbiz34 View Post
Yeah. One could argue though, did the police know that the "innocent bystanders" were innocent at that point in time?
... Yeah. They could. These aren't buffoons with fire arms are they? They are trained officers of the law, aren't they? This was a travesty. No way around it.

They miraculously found a gun in the car after 4 days of processing it.

Here's a choice quote...

"Four bystanders were struck by bullets. Three officers had minor injuries.

Noriega previously did not rule out the possibility that the bystanders were struck by police bullets."

The real problem is the event in the first place. That event is awful and absolutely ruins that entire weekend for anyone that actually lives there.

The driver of the vehicle probably had it coming. Based on what I have read so far, the cops were a bit excessive. But justified, imho. What happened to those who witnessed the cops firing on the car is simply unacceptable.
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