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Thanks for the input. I have found both an n55 and an n54 for sale in my area. I was leaning towards the n55 just for the reliability. I'll definitely pull the serpentine belt this week and try that. Thanks for your input
E series N55 is no more reliable than the N54 really, same injectors, same HPFP, same water pump, turbo problems, vacuum issues. It's not much of a difference unless you are looking at F chassis EWG cars. Good luck, keep us updated
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I'm definitely leaning towards throwing another n54 in and then flipping the car. I bought it for 1k so anything above 5k would be profit. The blue book value for the 09 335i Drive sits around 10-11k. If I do decide to swap it would you recommend going up to an n55 car for reliability or just stay with the same car and fix the kinks?
N55 swap would be a massive downgrade that would cost as much as you could ever hope to get for the car or more. N55s are notorious for spinning rod bearings and as a result, used ones are pricy.

Throw in a used N54 with a warranty and call it a day.
Ordered a Used motor with a warranty from GTRauto. Doing seals and possibly rod bearings before putting it in. And extra input on things to watch out for during the swap would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for keeping up with the thread and giving any input.
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