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Yeah I was! Several factors led to my decision to switch:

- After reading up more on the locking style of the giken vs the. Biasing of the Quaife I felt the reduced mid corner push was something I preferred.

- The Quaife does not have a break-in period, and does not need as much TLC as the giken. In particular, the fluid for a change on the Giken costs close to $100, and needs to be changed out after initial break in. Also, the Quaife lifetime warranty is comforting.

- Since the diffs in our cars don't have a drain plug, you either have to pull off and regasket the cover, or purchase a pricey aftermarket cover w a drain (or tap your own). Since the Quaife is essentially zero maintenance the cost differential (!) In the first year ended up being $750ish all-in.

All these factors combined led me to the Quaife. In real world driving scenarios, I'm just not worried about the one wheel off the ground limitation. And in snow, well DTC will help with torque biasing. The giken is a phenomenal diff, but just not for me, on this mostly streeted vehicle.