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Originally Posted by l4wr3nc3 View Post
Key word is run into a cop with his radar on. What about all the other instances where your speeding and you fly by a cop without his radar on. Were only talking about speeding. What about those people that weave in and out of lanes on the freeway and a cop sees you doing that. He doesn't need to pull out his radar to pull you over for that. So you'll never know that their was a cop behind you till you physically see him.
AGAIN its a radar detector not a cop detector, its for people who choose to speed with the knowledge that our speeding laws are retarded

its NOT so that you can drive like an asshole and "weave in and out of lanes on the freeway"

your a tool if you do that and a tool if you bought a radar detector to let you do that (and given everything youve said it seems that was your goal)