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You still have yet to prove to me that a radar detector is truly usefull. I have already said a few situations of MANY which a radar detector wont help you and you still choose to go back to its not a cop detector which i have already acknowledged its not.

Oh and your calling me a tool? If you learn to read correctly and see that i never said I weave in and out of traffic. It was only an example. Not that i have anything to prove to you, but i don't weave in and out of traffic and i rarely speed (but still thought i might need it so i bought one to try out. i was wrong).

Its kind of sad that your getting to upset over a discussion that you have to resort into trying to insult me. Lets talk about you then mr "I SPEED LIKE CRAZY". Its obvious that your the one who drives like a asshole considering you said so yourself you speed like crazy and if you have to "slam on your brakes" for fear of a cop, then you must be going pretty dam fast. Since its not for people who drive like assholes, i guess you should return yours then huh.