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Originally Posted by l4wr3nc3 View Post
I love how your trying to tell me how i drive. You dont know sh*t about me so dont act as if you know anything about me. Its pointless to argue with you that i never weave nor do i speed because unless you actually talk to the people that know me, i can never prove it. You on the other hand already admited that you speed like crazy so whos the asshole now?

I endanger lives? You openly admited to speeding like crazy and your trying to call me a douche?

Just stop talking because all you do is prove how much of a hypocrite you are. You still failed to prove me wrong so you repeatedly change the subject and try to insult me.

Jason, just close this threads or delete all this worthless arguing. Its obviously going no where.
prove you wrong? the fact that houndreds of thousands of detectors sell each year for over 300$ does that for me (whats the passport 9500 450$? theyve sold a ton of those already since it came out this month)

either that or lots of people like to pay 300$ to be "annoyed" in their car

just admit you bought it because you wanted to drive like a pric and you found out it wasnt a cop detector