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Dealers in the GTA - Bought from Maranello

Took delivery of my '07 328i with Sport Pkg, other details: jet black on black leatherette, manual, sunroof.

Dealt with Jeff at Maranello, an excellent guy to deal with. I went in to the dealer and was introduced to Jeff by the receptionist. I knew exactly what I wanted and had set my bottomline. I told Jeff right away what deal he had to give me to make me sign the dotted line. The biggest complication in my case was trading in my '01 325i.

Long story short, the trade-in assessment came $2k short of the deal I asked for. Jeff reduced the price by $2k to meet my demand and I signed the deal.

Cannot exactly say how much of a discount I got but I think the deal was great. The trade-in value, after accounting for the tax benefit, was very close to what I had advertised my car for private sale.

Jeff was great from the beginning to after delivery. He personally came to my company to hand-deliver a cheque for the excess amount I paid. I strongly recommend Jeff, who is new at BMW (came from Lexus a few months ago).