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Originally Posted by sflgator View Post
Yeah, aren't you the guy who supposedly had some sort of ECU flash and a speed delimiter (and raced some guy on I95 doing 160+mph)?

btw -- what exactly aere you confused about? You really don't need behind-the-wheel experience with a PROcede is what it is...a completely new BEAST! It is very much unlike the stock car you drove off the dealer's lot.

A PROcede 335i will hang with and in many cases beat some of the cars that you thought were at the next level in terms of speed and performance...the M3, the M5, Porsche 911 S, Porsche Cayman S, MB AMG, Audi S4/S5, Chrysler/Dodge SRT-8, Mitsu Evo, Subie WRX Sti, etc.
Yeah, that's me....183Vmax its what the car will hit, BUT, its not a PROCEDE Tune, They have removed my limiter through the stock ECU, was shipped out to Italy and waited 2 weeks to get it back, I had provided the links and all and another guy from NJ did it on his car, other than that, I have the "Turbo Tuner" which I am very happy with...... so wanna meet up somewhere? I will test yours and you can max out mines if you want....Let me take couple cars off of your list...The M5 Not unless you have DP's and cutback and then, after 130-140 the M5 will start gaining (not on my car 183), you said the MB AMG????? Which ones? the Older ones??? be specific here cause my fathers SL65 AMG TwinTurbo Will eclipse the Procede and the M5 for that matter off the Line.....

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