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Glad to hear your looking to upgrade from the E320 Bluetec to the BMW E9X 335D. I have answered your following questions below in Red to give you some insight for your future purchase. Hopefully this information will be useful in your search for your Future BMW. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like more information.

Originally Posted by DubVBenz View Post
I have an 07 Bluetec that's pretty well optioned out (for the diesel), and now has around 47K. I purchased a year ago with 27K, and the car has been pretty reliable. I had to fix a few odds and ends under warranty (door lock actuator and keyless entry door handle) when I first purchased it, but the engine & transmission have been pretty flawless.

I like the 335D (more power, slightly better economy), and would be interested in trading for a late 11 early 12 within the next year, but had a few questions for those in the know.

1) It looks like the electronics in current BMWs can be finicky or downright poor in quality control. I'd like to think I wouldn't be replacing window regulators, seat motors and various electronic components on a yearly basis. MB's don't have a great reputation anymore for electronics, but the basics seem to be pretty good still. I've been reading some horror stories on here, but I was hoping these issues would be ironed out near the end of the e90 production run.

BMW offers a $0 Maintenance plan to cover all of the listed issues under factory warranty of the vehicle. This warranty plan is something which Audi, Lexus, or MB cannot beat. Don't let the handful of horror stories get discourage your view on the 335d. I have driven the 335d and it provides phenomenal fuel economy for the power and torque it produces.

2) Engine stuff: Any issues with the d? I know the HPFS has been horrid on the 335i, but haven't heard similar issues with the d. I've heard mumblings of turbo lifespan issues, so if anyone has any input on that, I'd appreciate it. I also had heard that the diesel had a problem with plastic intake flaps disintegrating and being sucked into the air filter, is this still an issue (or was it ever)?

The Diesels from what I have seen don't encounter as many HPFP failure issues as the standard 335i. If you follow BMW's 15k Oil Changes your engine and turbo life won't that great. The Intake Flap issue might have been on the older generation vehicle's I am sure BMW has corrected that issue by now.

3) ZF Transmission: Can I realistically expect this to last 100K or more if I am religious about flushing and approved synthetic fluid? The 5 speeds in MB's from the late 90s to 2006 are "lifetime fill", which means they crap out if you don't flush by the time they reach 100k. I know the same ZF lifetime fill transmissions in older BMWs shared the same problem. My 7-speed includes regular maintenance intervals, and aside from valve-body electronics issues on the earlier iterations, I haven't heard of any major mechanical issues with it as long as you respect regular maintenance intervals.

The Newer Transmissions Seem to live up to it's standard and capable of handling the upgrading Performance from the Upgraded Tunes in the market. I have personally seen vehicles with over 150K with the Automatic Transmission with no issues at all which is truly amazing.

Overall: I know the W211 & E90 are completely different cars. One is a small sports sedan, the other is a larger executive saloon (although they weigh the same amount surprisingly). Has anyone else gone from one to the other, and can you share your insight? Aside from the missing space and spare tire, I would probably miss the panoramic roof and more luxurious interior, but would welcome the BMW apps Nav upgrade.

I have driven the E320 Bluetec and it's not my cup of tea. The Handling and Driving Experience of a BMW is something that unique and the Performance of the Turbo Diesel is utterly amazing. The Navigation on the older 06-08 Models are horrific the newer 2010+ & Up are amazing and easy to maneuver through. Roadside assistance and the Tire Warranty should make forgetting the Benz much easier. The Thrill of the boost kicking and torque throwing you back so worth it completely.

Performance: I have a tuning box on mine which means my torque is probably slightly more than 425, and my HP is around the 230 mark, but I understand you can get the 335d above 300HP fairly easily. Could I expect to do so without destroying the engine and transmission?

Similar Performance Tunes are available for the 335d. I can provide with more information if you would like. Both the engine and transmission are capable of handling the additional power with ease with out compromising the driveablity and reliability of the vehicle.

Please, don't flame because I'm a benz guy, I'm looking for honest opinions for a car I intend to own for 5+ years (unless a higher output MB diesel short wheelbase S-class is released).

We leave the flaming to Burger King here Hopefully this essay of answer will help in your decision and look forward to have you joining the BMW Community.


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