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Originally Posted by Saintor View Post
Go for a BMW 528i, in the same class of your E-Class.

1. the body is more recent and more up-to-date
2. the 528i's fuel economy is almost dead-on as your E320CDI (22/32 vs 23/32)
3. the 528i has 240HP and your E320 only 210; the 528i is faster
4. you'll appreciate the comfort of the 5-series.
Here we go again, i predict 5 pages! Saintor we haven't seen you in some time, hope you've been well!

Saintor, OP asked about a 335d and not a slow 528i. Horsepower does not make a car faster, Torque does.

OP, the blutec and the d are two very different cars. The E series benz will be a lot more comfortable but the 335d is a sports vehicle, it goes like one and handles like one. You have to test drive it, it's like nothing from this world. Recently drove it to canada, have about 16k miles on it and it returned 38mpg. Pretty impressive as i'm sure you know diesels become more efficient over time. I think the other guys have it covered about answering your initial questions!