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There haven't been any major problems with the 335d. In terms of electronics, there may be a few minor gremlins here or there but usually it's a matter of getting your car's software updated. The engine is pretty much bulletproof; every now and again there'll be a horror story related to the turbos, but these are the kind of problems you hear about in any turbo'd car, and they're not systemic or commonplace. As for the ZF transmission, it's supposed to be a beefed up unit used in BMW's higher-spec V8 cars, so it should do well if you service it regularly. In terms of tuning, the JBD chip from BMS has a good reputation and can bump power to as high as ~310 at the wheel. That said, you run the risk of shortening the life of your turbos, engine, drive train, etc. by using the chip.

Also, please do ignore Saintor's babbling. He has an irrational hatred of all things diesel and will make the most absurd arguments to try to dissuade you from owning one. For example, the 528i he suggested is more expensive, burns more fuel, and is significantly slower than the 335d. Its only advantage is that it's a bit bigger and a bit more luxurious.