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Originally Posted by Saintor View Post
Go for a BMW 528i, in the same class of your E-Class.

1. the body is more recent and more up-to-date
2. the 528i's fuel economy is almost dead-on as your E320CDI (22/32 vs 23/32)
3. the 528i has 240HP and your E320 only 210; the 528i is faster
4. you'll appreciate the comfort of the 5-series.
What a douche...

The 335d is a wonderful car, but on the smaller side by comparison withe 320. I enjoy drive my car more and more with each passing day, can't say that about many cars.

So far I have not experienced any electrical issues. The I-drive is a real pleasure to use.

I have not heard of ANY fuel pump failures or turbo failures and that includes owners who religiously take their tuned d's to the track. The transmission is a workhorse. Both the engine and transmission should last you well past 100k miles.

The only recurring problem seems to be with a clogged metering valve which is related to the emission system. I have experienced it, took in to BMW, they cleaned and reset the SES light. I hear the dealer will replace with a new valve if it occurs more than once. Most that have had the valve replaced never have the problem again.

Do yourself a favor and go take the 335d for a spin if you haven't already.