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Originally Posted by joec500 View Post
I have actually put a lot of thought into this, I actually run an AE at home into a DAC, and use an external DAC at work for my headphones and notice a huge improvement. There are a couple of issues with the AE in the car.

1. Boot up time
2. Losing the capability of data in the car as your AE in the car will not have an Internet connection and the iPhone can only connect to one data network. Wifi or 3G/LTE etc.
3. Also the integration is so messy with the need for inverters etc, so many places for addition of extra noise.

So I scrapped this idea and waiting for the Kivic one to come out. I am hoping to be able to convert the hDMI output to audio only, using an hDMI to toslink adapter into a DAC that can be powered over USB as many small DAC's are powered over USB.

Really, whats up with Kivic?...they were suppose to release that thing a long time ago...they had a working unit 4 months ago at CES right???...I will be buying that product!