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A little update. The 330d seems to have passed the first test. I haven't been near the BMW car config thing since I handed back the F31 on Tuesday. My order is obviously perfect! When I ordered the E91 I still buggered about with the online spec right up until the last moment. I'll be honest, there was always a bit too much space under the bonnet for my liking.

Also, I thought I'd post up my recent car history.

Up until September 11th there was obviously this...

Then from 11/9 until 3/12 there was this...

A Mini One Convertible as a service loan car. Apart from it being a convertible this was a great little car. Comfortable and certainly quick enough around town. I'd certainly recommend the One to anyone.

3/12 until 4/12...

The F31 330d M Sport demo. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The engine is just superb and again, I can't tell you how well it rides. This one had the standard M Sport set up and not the adaptive I've ordered and apart from a little tramlining on the 19" run flats I couldn't fault it.

A couple of other things while playing with the new iDrive (for the gadget freaks), it now plays mp4 from a USB...

...and the Sport Display thing is rather cool (sorry about the flash)...

And so now onto the most recent.

A Mini Cooper Coupe. I've got this until Monday when BMW put me in another E91 until my new F30 comes. Monday can't come quick enough. I'm not sure if Mini do something to the suspension on the Coopers over the One but it's awful. Add some low profile 17" rubber and the ride and steering are truly dreadful. Plus it looks shit. But hey, there's a button to make the spoiler go up and down...