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What are you looking to replace them with? On my '09 LCI the stock bulbs were just halogen H8 bulbs. Emitted an ugly yellow. I think yours would be the same. They'll look like this:

They're easy enough to replace, you won't "burn" anything inside your headlights unless you really go out of your way to muck something up lol.

Just pop the hood, and look at the back of the headlight housing; on each side you'll see a round, black cap with fins on it (there'll be a white warranty sticker which you'll need to break if you want to change the bulbs). Twist it whichever way it'll turn (I think counterclock-wise) and pop it off, and you'll be able to access the bulb from there. See pic below.

From there you just twist the bulb to 'unlock' it and you can pull it straight out. The hardest part is inserting the new bulb just because you won't be able to see what you're doing and it only goes in and secures one way. The most important thing though is to replace that black fin cap tightly and securely, because it keeps moisture out of the housing.

This is my car after I changed mine out. I went with LUX V3's, but you have a lot of other options. Sorry for large image.

Hope this helps.