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First question:

Did he actually "clock" (radar/lidar/laser) you? Or did he simply go behind you and pace you a bit before pulling you over?

No matter what, next time don't admit guilt. If you are asked why you are pulled over, you politely ask the officer to enlighten you. In this case, your honesty worked against you. You can be respectful, and even honest, but NEVER ADMIT GUILT. If you are asked how fast you were going, you reply, "I was traveling at a safe speed officer." By letting the officer know how fast you were going, you basically filled out the ticket for him.

Especially for pacing, if you admit guilt, it corroborates what the cop assumes so he feels justified in putting you into the next bracket. It's nothing personal, it's just how much the officer feels he can reasonably "charge" you.

Pacing is just bogus because it's basically how fast the cop thinks you are going by following you. Since the number is what he thinks is accurate and since it is discretionary, your admission of guilt serves you no purpose.


Also, this tactic has worked for me before. But if you zip by a cop and he doesn't catch up to you for a good minute I would calmly tell the officer that he got the wrong person. I described the car he meant to catch in detail and the the officer furrowed his brow.

Again best to practice good driving habits but if you're in a pinch I hope this advice helps.

Regardless, I've gotten 5 speeding tickets from 2010 - 2011.


Last tip. If you're going to talk to the officer, you better do it before you hand over your license and registration. Once you hand it over and he heads back you're getting ticket no matter what.

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