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Originally Posted by merchomini View Post
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well you're the idiot for driving 91mph in a 65 (WTF YOU THINKING?!?). the "hook up" was to slap you in the face with a ticket and well deserved 380 plus so that you don't do it again and possibly hurt others in the future.

PEACE and drive safe sucka.

thats retarded, on a highway with little traffic 90 mph is really not that fast at all, and act like you got a 335i because it is slow, you wanted it for the motor.

that sucks you got a ticket bro......cops never do favors........and i have yet to ever have a cop do anything that has helped me ever.
If you genuinely feel like cops don't do anything that has helped you. Then do the guys/girls that put their lives on the line for anybody a favor and wait for the fire dept to save your life when bullets are flying. my 2 cents......