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Originally Posted by BaMBaM4002 View Post
hook up meaning he didnt get you for reckless driving. Just a simple speeding ticket, which you can do traffic school for.
Yup, 25mph over the speed limit is sufficient in itself for a reckless driving charge.

Originally Posted by persianamir View Post
he asked me how fast I was going and i replied about 80 mph and then he said I got u clocked at 91 do u want to see? well ive been driving like this every day for about 5 or 6 years now and this is my first speeding ticket...
Did you really believe 80? Cops take offense to being BSed.

CHP: Do you know how fast you were driving?
YOU: Oh it might have been around 80

CHP: Now thinks you don't respect "the badge" or almost as bad you where doing 90+ an weren't even aware of fast you where going.

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