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If you genuinely feel like cops don't do anything that has helped you. Then do the guys/girls that put their lives on the line for anybody a favor and wait for the fire dept to save your life when bullets are flying. my 2 cents......
Has a cop ever helped you when the bullets are flying.....ever, have you ever had bullets flying around you, do you think that some cop is just going to teleport in between you and a bullet if someone is going to shoot you, or that they are going to show up within even five minutes of you calling them? I hate to break it to you bud but if you are somewhere where bullets are flying get yourself outta theredont wait for a cop. They dont do anything, and I have my own weapons or firearms to protect myself if I need it, because if you cant take care of yourself when weapons are involved dont hold your breath for a cop to appear
I myself have a large percentage of family and friends in local PDs/military. And YES, some of us have been involved in active shooting incidents.(i.e. North Hollywood) I have even lost a friend in the line of duty recently. I have nothing against you but it might be wise to consider at the very least what some people do for a living. I'm all for people who bear their own arms and protect themselves and their family. But it's pretty ignorant to say what you have said when you don't know anything about me. I respect people and what they do for a living and am not judgmental about it. Bottom line is, if you're so unhappy about getting pulled over and cited for a traffic or moving violation, fight the ticket. But keep in mind that you wouldn't have gotten the ticket to begin with if you were simply following the law.