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Originally Posted by Imperator View Post
The procedure is very easy but you'll need INPA working first. Also note early '07 cars have a different pinout requirement on the coding cable.

Before replacing your battery, be sure to identify the exact type and capacity of battery in your car. If it's a 90Ah AGM type, you want to replace it with the same. If it's a 82Ah wet battery, replace it with the same.

The "registration" process only resets the charging routines for a new battery. It will not alter the battery adaptations for a different type of battery.

That all gels with what I've seen. I don't think I have an AGM battery (OEM white batteries are lead acid right?). Hopefully I can find an aftermarket one with the correct specs. Maybe I should look into getting myself a cable and finally dive into coding...

edit: read the post you linked to and saw where you'd recode CAS with the new battery parameters

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