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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
I respect the European way of thinking (such as you must drive with a M+S tire during the winter, and a three mountain peak symbol recommended), believe me, we can't handle rear fogs here in the USA. The biggest offenders are Jaguars and Audis, who drive around with them at all times. They look as if the driver is braking while going down the highway.
True dat!

Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
Fines? We're a society who is against red light cameras and speed cameras, where fines are issued to people who run red lights and exceed the speed limit. We would never put up with being fined for using a fog lamp when totally unneeded!
I was with you up until this point. We're also a society who allows automated enforcement of speed limits not set per accepted engineering guidelines and penalizing people who run red lights when the yellow interval doesn't give them time to stop. Whenever you see automated enforcement, there's a good bet that it is a SCAM and you probably ought to investigate more. Virginia is one notable exception to that rule - we don't do speed cams here and the red lights ones by law must have the yellow interval measured and it must comply to ITE guidelines. (not everything here is messed up...)

Seriously, automated enforcement is one of those things that looks good on paper but for many reasons, once you look deeper into it it smells like corruption and quite simply, it's an attempt (successful apparently) by unethical private businesses to make money under the guise of safety while actually profiting off of engineering mistakes that make our roads less safe.