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Originally Posted by Nossic View Post
OMG that site is something I needed! thanks a lot!


And, I'll be replacing those right after contingent on what maintenance the used dealer lot said the did already. The thing is, from Carfax/Carproof, there seems to be regular maintenance at a BMW dealer however, I don't know any details regarding said maintenance. The car is 6 years old, and considering its winter already, I want to replace the battery ASAP. What's stopping me is that I heard you need to code in the new battery... I have neither a laptop (never needed one, even for uni hahaha) or the cable...
No Problem. there are lots of certified BMW mechanics in TO. However, I can recommend one to you as well. His garage only fix BMW. And most of the time he is willing to code your car for free. I will PM you his information. he is in Richmond Hill area though.