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Originally Posted by ScotyH View Post
OK what I'm saying is;

1. You're right that the stock sedan & coupe mid are the same. Both are VERY shallow.

2. The stock mid in the sedan is replaceable with a deeper speaker. The mid in the coupe is not. There just isn't any extra depth available in a coupe door cavity.

3. From what I see on the BSW mid, it would need to be roughly 3/4" more shallow to fit in a coupe due to depth to window mechanism restrictions.
Unless you don't want your windows to roll down all the way
Yes, I understand what you are saying. However, I think that there was no need to have two different "Stage 1" kits -one for the Sedan and one for the Coupe/Convertible"- as one mid speaker design would have fit and sound better as well in all models.

I think that BSW went for the ready-available route for the Sedan and it found out too late that the sucker doesn't fit as well in the other two models.