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First I want to apologize. I totally forgot about the forum and a customer linked me here to answer some questions so I do apoloize for the lack of BSW replies! I am human and made a mistake! Will stay on top of this!

Let's get to cracking on answering some of your questions!

Originally Posted by Technic View Post
The P/N of both the Individual Audio 4" mids in the front doors are the same regardless of the 3 Series body (Coupe, Sedan, Convertible).

So, what is this "specific" mounting depth speakers for just the Coupe and Convertible? As long as the 4" mids are less than 50mm in depth they will fit...
The Sedan and Coupe have a different fitment. If you simply put the 4" drivers from the sedan into the coupe it will strike the side glass. While testing we even had it scratch some tint. This is not acceptable obviously.

Now you consider just simply taking off some mounting depth or changing the mounting style/adapter/etc and it changed the acoustics of the speakers so we had to change it. Think of a subwoofer and you just sectioned out 1in of the basket. It would change all the parameters of the speaker and it would not be right.

This is where we were at. We will not release our drivers that are not up to BSW quality in terms of build quality and sound quality. The BSW owners audition, play with, tune, rebuild, redesign etc all of our speakers until they are correct. Sedan came first and the assumption was just bolt them into the coupe and bam we have another product. That did not prove to be the case so we fixed it. Multiple times.

This last week we test fit and auditioned the E92 coupe Stage 1. Is it late? Yes it is. Is it awesome? Yes it is! The wait is worth it, you will want to give it a listen and really hear the difference!

Originally Posted by manuelpolaco View Post
Even a kid will know the basics about a speaker. I want to know the RMS watts of this speakers. For $600 I could buy great speakers like Focal, Hertz or Diamond Audio which fit at the front doors and sound great. The problem about the non-logic speakers is the lack of an equalizer and a good amplifier.
Unfortunately, these are specifications that we do not release at this time. Why
not? There are several reasons:
1. We have made a very large investment in terms of time and money to
establish the optimum characteristics for the components we use in our speaker
upgrades. To protect that investment and prevent "copycat" products, we keep
the associated information proprietary.
2. Because our speaker upgrades are optimized to operate on the factory
amplifier (or in some cases, an amplifier we are designing to replace the stock
amplifier), the specifications are not required by end users since we've already
done all the hard work of optimizing the components to work perfectly together
and there is only one operating environment in which our products will be used.
3. Specifications are not meaningful for comparison between our products and
other products which may be used in the same application, primarily because, in
general, specifications in the car audio world are more or less fabricated from
thin air. Repeated testing has shown time and time again that the performance
and behavior of components we test does NOT bear a strong relationship to
what we'd expect given the specifications of a product.
However, all that said, perhaps you can let me know why you'd like the
specifications, at which point I might be able to answer your question or provide
the needed information without the specs.

With that said the Logic7 amp puts out some decent power and we will have our Stage 2 plug and play amp which will be in the 65-75W RMS so our drivers can handle aftermarket power if they are powered and processed correctly.

Originally Posted by JoeyFiasco View Post
I've seen people constantly ask for those details (myself included) what gives???
See above.

Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
Speakers don't have RMS watts. If these speakers are intended to be run off of the OEM BMW amp, all they have to do is handle that power. Any additional power handling is irrelevant. If the speaker does have more power handling, it has ZERO to do with sound quality - doesn't make it sound better.

Manual, you may want to learn more about how to evaluate speakers.

There are areas, like off-axis response, resonant frequency and "Q" characteristics, and distortion components, which can make clear differences in how a speaker sounds.

BSW doesn't usually share these details either, but they COULD...
We could but just like other aftermarket tuners we don't just give out everything right out of the gate. Somethings we keep as company secrets.

Many a car audio spec is simply pulled out of the air and most after doing some research figure this out. Just look @ 4-Ohms when bridged so the specs are plan and simple... wrong.

Originally Posted by rollyn2night View Post
What the hell ever happened to BSW's audio upgrade. Everytime they said a few weeks and its been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. WTF
See above

Originally Posted by renpar61 View Post
yeah! WTF
my lease will be over before the system is available...
Originally Posted by shocka1212 View Post
lol me 2, or just so close to the end of it that it wouldnt be worth it.
Sorry we have not met with everyones time frame but we are working on it. Once we secure actual production driver/stage 1 dates we are going to do a pre-order sale for the forums

Originally Posted by Technic View Post
I do have an E90 as well.

Regardless of the E9x chassis (Sedan, Coupe, Convertible) all share the exact same 4" mid depths, as their respective (as in front door mids in the Sedan to front door mids in the Coupe and so on) 4" mids P/N are exactly the same.

That's what I don't understand; if the mids depths are the same across the models and the only thing different is the mounting points then what is this "specific mounting depth"?
BMW uses the same speaker in a LOT of the cars at this point. The drivers have counter sunk, flush mount and other mounting designs depending on the vehicle and placement in the vehicle. This has to be considered and when you start playing with the mounts and mounting depths the speakers had to be redone to give a proper upgrade. This is explained above.

Originally Posted by manuelpolaco View Post
I will like to know the rms of the speakers if I want to use them with a aftermarket amp. Like I say before, I'm not a speaker expert, but IMO knowing the rms and the frequency response it enough information for me. The other stuff, I leave it to the experts
Our Stage 1 Audio Upgrade is not compatible with aftermarket amplifiers. That's
because we've designed it from the ground up to work with the factory amplifier,
power output, wiring, and built-in crossovers found in your vehicle. By
eliminating the factory amplifier, you'll also eliminate the factory crossovers and
change the frequencies and amount of power each speaker receives, meaning
they won't be operating in their ideal range and are likely to be damaged, or at
minimum sound pretty terrible. While it is theoretically possible to install an
aftermarket amplifier and crossover configuration that would be compatible with
our Stage 1, it is not something we would be able to provide information on or
support in any way. It would also void our 100% satisfaction guarantee and the
product warranty.

With that said, and as I said above, we are working on a plug and play amp. When will it definitely be done? I do not have an ETA right now but we have to make sure it is 100% correct on something like this!

Originally Posted by Technic View Post
That's not my point, my point is with BSW trying to separate a Coupe from the Sedan Stage 1 application when the OEM speakers are the same.

They can setup a Coupe Stage 1 with their Sedan drivers with minor changes.
What one says is a 'minor' change may alter how the speaker sounds and performs. If it does and it is not an acceptable change we have to make and change and thus the E92 is a different product. Would we like every single E9x speaker to use the same exact speaker so we can just order 1000s of the 4" and thousands of the tweeter? You bet we do! It simply did not work out like that and that is why we do the research for you and release a product that is 100% complete and sounds great!

Originally Posted by JoeyFiasco View Post
i thought they custom made their speakers
We do

See above!

Keep the questions coming!