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Originally Posted by scooba0010 View Post
What i am saying is i pay for everything .I dont see why i should as if my kids dont go to state school should i get a credit towards my private fees of 16 k pa for each child ,My brother just worked out it cost 220k from he nursery to leaving at 18 at current fees without extras and inflation ,

For some reason we in the UK want so much and belive we are entitled to it.
You've basically got two choices. Stop participating in society, pull up sticks, build that wall around you to protect yourself from the rest of us, or try and improve things. There are plenty of tax havens in the world if you truly want to pay no tax. Or if you want to be part of a society you have to pay your way - its called citizenship.

Whoever said that you get back every penny you put in? Anyway, you're the one opting not to receive the education and healthcare you're entitled to - noone forcing you to do that.

Your comments on entitlement in the wider sense are spot on though. Too many people think they don't have to work. That needs to change.