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Originally Posted by scooba0010 View Post
I dont think anyone can blame the tory party for the imigration allowed over the last 10 years.
The Tories supported free movement of labour within the EU, because big companies like Tesco were asking for it. I always felt that it was a recipe for disaster. Historically, when times get hard, societies tend to blame their problems on immigrants. Its human nature.

Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post
I think this week could be a double whammy, I wonder what is about to happen to my Public Sector occupational pension.......
I fear that its not going to be good. Final salary pensions are long gone in the private sector and they are almost certainly going to go in the public sector as well. Our aging population makes them unafordable.

Yesterday I read that the tax allowance sharing mentioned by Cameron was unlikely to be more that 750 and not available to higher rate taxpayers. So only worth 150 a year per couple.

They are also looking to reduce higher rate tax relief of private pensions.

I thought that they planned to reduce waste? Instead they seem to be screwing the people who supported them.