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Originally Posted by scooba0010 View Post
I fully accept its my choice to have sent the children through private education and swallow the costs associated with that,

I honestly dont mind paying my share ,but in my simple world i dont want to see every day in he papers about people on benefit doing so well ,free housing and 7 kids its rediculous, I accept this is the minority but the system is flawed ,I dont profess to know the answers,but it is wrong,

I dont think anyone can blame the tory party for the imigration allowed over the last 10 years.All these people have to be living somewhere proberbly in rented houses and we know who will be paying there rent ,welfare system, I also accept that there are plenty that have come here and do work and contribute.

My neighbour is a GP he was saying last christmas how many people he sees that basically want putting on disabillity or signed off so they dont have to go to work ,And i is proven that people should work for the feel good factor,but when you can obtain as much on benefits there has to be a certain attraction.
I totally agree with you here, I claim nothing of the government and use my own health care, have my own pension etc... I pay lots in and I really don't get a lot back. My other half can basically work anywhere in the world and I can't lie we are considering moving away as this country really is well and truly screwed. I really have nothing against people wanting to come here and work it's the people that come here to sponge is what drives me mad...

I know they are talking about pensions now and what really shocks me is the amount public sector workers get... Why do you guys get so much more than private pensions? (Question not a flaming exercise )