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Lightbulb PROcede v4|v5 / User software Wish List

Just started this tread because some of us post these things in different places. Lets keep it clean & all in one thread.

These are currently working:
- 6AT Launch control______________________Launch an 6-speed automatic car
- Adjustable CANClear - on/off______________Enable & Disable CANClear feature
- Ajdustable Audible Shift Alert/Light_________Adjustable from 5000 to 8000rpm. The shift light function is delivered by your in-dash turn signal lights. Beeps on non IDrive models.
- Auto-Tune logging parameter______________Logs Ign Correction, Boost, Meth Flow, IAT
- CANclear functionality____________________Clear tuner codes automatically
- Command Center________________________There is no laptop required to use it! You can calibrate your in-dash gauges, select your shift-light RPM, reset several adaptions and much more.
- Diagnostic tool__________________________Built-in/integrated Diagnostic tool for code reading/clearing
- DIC (Dynamic Ignition Correction)___________Is to ensure that the Procede's ignition correction offsets works in complement with the DME's conditional short-term timing reduction schemes
- Dual-Bank Wideband AFR__________________Monitors and logs functionality of the Air/Fuel Ratio
- IN-DASH boost gauge____________________Display Boost pressure on your dashboard
- Map Display____________________________Temporarily revert back to stock gas level/oil temp gauge display mode by simply requesting a current map display(cruise control stalk bumped up)
- More Available Channels for Data Logging____More Channels to data-log with
- Multiple map selection____________________Press DTC to change maps
- Naturally Aspirated (NA) Mode_____________Car runs without use of the turbo's
- Netbook friendly_________________________Netbook compatibility software
- Persistent aggression level________________It does not reset to 0 after you turn off/on your car
- Persistent mapswitching__________________The Procede will now start up on the last map selected before engine shut off
- Progressive methanol mapping_____________
- Rename "Lag Fix" parameters_______________It's been renamed to "Barometric Offset"
- Resetting adaptations through CanBus_______Diagnostic Adaptation Resets (i.e - Throttle, Lamba, AFR, Battery, Knock, Octane, Vanos, VVT, 6AT Trans, Airbag, TPMS)
- V5 Autotuning (Ignition correction)__________Adjusts Ignition Correction automatically
- V5 Autotuning (Boost)____________________Adjusts Boost automatically
- V5 Autotuning (Progressive Methanol)_______When meth is flowing above the threshold, the Procede's autotuning system is active
- V5 Autotuning (Wastegate Compensation)____Means that boost will rise as quickly as you put your foot down
- Valet Map not indicate during startup________Valet Map doesn't blink during startup of engine (Great for dealership drop-offs)

Users want:
- Ajdustable Audible Shift Alert for IDrive model (Navigation) (In Development)
- Adjustable oil temp protection - Some climates takes longer to warm up
- Autotune + Progressive Nitrous (In Development)
- Change gauge colors in user software
- Command Center control while driving
- Default filename in HH:MM M/D/Y format instead of every data log defaulting to data1 when saving
- DTC enabled or disabled (software option) - So is stays persistent or we have it start like the speed limiter On(1)/Off(0)
- Keyfob specific map - Car starts up on the desire map with each remote keyfob (I have keyfob 1 to start Map2, Wife keyfob 2 to start Map 0)
- Mac friendly or java based to work on multiple platforms
- Max cool mode
- More gauges to display on-screen
- Needles on the gauges a little longer on the user software(Closer to the numbers)
- No-boost valet map + Throttle cut off (50% max) + Rev limit (>3500RPM)
- Real-time instantaneous data display in graph
- RPM guage max to 8000 RPM on the user software(Have more space to see 1K, 2K, through 8K)
- Software to read DME codes with description
- Specific Speed Limit Setting
- Valet speed limiter

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