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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
Nice post Boss,

I thought of this in the shower this morning. it won't be popular with the paranoid, but here goes.

Why not require a license to own a fire arm just like a license to drive a car? There could be a handbook listing the code of arms for civilians. A written test, a proficiency test and a fee of $250. If you want a CCL you check another box on your appointment sheet and they'll issue an additional written and proficiency tests as well as an additional $300. I think at minimal cost to the tax payers, the ATF could regulate and administer these tests. NO NEED to create another branch of the government. But all be administered by the ATF just like DL tests are administered.

With this license you can legally own any legal firearm. With the CCL license you can do as you can now with a CCL. If a person is caught with a firearm without a license, the get charged with the same intensity as if they used that weapon in a crime without discharging it. I mean throw the effing book at them. Same goes for people with the license, if their gear gets stolen and used in a crime, they are an accessory to that crime. (unless reported stolen of course. but as mentioned before, 5 stolen reports and your license is revoked)

Now, i'm not a huge fan of this either, mainly because i don't necessarily want the government to know who the "trouble makers are". And before you call me paranoid, consider this; if the government doesn't trust me, why should i trust them? After all, i am a law abiding citizen without a criminal record whom you won't read about committing a crime with their firearm. And there are a lot of us out there. Millions in fact.

I'm willing to come to the table so to speak with some changes, but i'm not willing to give up my firearms. I have been the victim of a shooting and had circumstances been slightly different, i probably won't be typing this today. This incident prompted me to get my CCL on my 21st birthday and i've been armed ever since.
This is good advice. Welcome to Canada. (except for the CCL part!)
The problem remains however that you're regulating the law abiding gun owner which means, it won't fly with the NRA. Perhaps a compromise is in order. The issue is not arguing if guns are allowed. That's your 2nd ammendment so it's clear gun ownership is a right. How about proposing a licensing scheme as you suggest that regulates the speed of sales. Folks with a license, along with a few levels of profficiency tags, would allow instant purchase of gun. Those that do not have a license, have to wait a long time. This would cool down any would-be assailant. Certainly not foolproof, but most wackjobs would not take 1/2 a year to earn their credentials before a going on a rampage.

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