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Originally Posted by cgbimmer View Post
So wondering if someone thinks a small boost leak would throw of my boost target so much..figured I would not make boost not overshoot..
Bq told me something up with car was having hard time with map..
I flashed back to mhd 7 till I figure it out..
To start just did turbos not long ago when I did I replaced all vacuum line with Platinum Cured Silicone Vacuum don't think that would be problem even though looks thicker outside but slightly smaller inside than stock was could be my eyes though..

also got vdo 3.5 t-map and burger harness so I did not have to repin.. and it is checked in mhd.. was thinking putting old 2.5 back and reflash and test drive...

anyway I had new pierburg boost solenoids here would be the log earlier here is log

then I installed old ones here is log

when I did that I took out the stock manifold absolute pressure sensor 13627585492 that is on intake manifold it was kinda grimy looking sprayed cleaner on it was still dirty put new o-ring reinstalled
would that effect over shooting boost...I have never replaced that yet??
I know t-map on charge pipe does actual boost but do they work together????
don't want to buy one if I don't have to but I don't understand do I need to change that one also to match my 3.5 t-map
lastly I have vrsf aluminum outlets with one small 3in silicone connector.
and relocated 2.25 inlets..
vrsf 5 steped intercooler
sorry long ramble so busy at work trying to get her running smooth thanks for any advice before I go boost leak testing
forgot I had er charge pipe with tial bov that I drilled taped 1/4 fitting kept thinking that was my issue..
so I switched back to phoenix charge pipe with stock dv with filters on end.. same thing
2007 335xi mmp relocation inlets outlets.Vrsf 5'' stepped intercooler.stage 2 bucket lpfp.Mhd stage 2/2+ xhp stage 2 tranny flash.vrsf downpipes modified exhaust.ER charge pipe tial bov.Custom oil cooler..cic retrofit.koni shocks h@r sport spring staggered conti tir