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Okay, I removed the radiator and intercooler to get an idea of the CCV system and to me it looks pretty good? Intercooler has a thin amount but doesn't seem excessive and you certainly wouldn't be able to pour it out. EGR is a but messy considering I spring cleaned it some time back and the EGR Vacuum pipe is blocked and EGR mapped out.

But then we move onto the sump it seems to be seeping from all around the gasket but the back right looks to be leaking more but I can't see any particular reason why? I was wondering if maybe the oil isn't getting burned so much but getting lost through the sump, but I don't have a splash panel so any droplets of oil would clearly be seen on the drive but there's absolutely nothing despite losing 1 litre per 1000 miles.. Unless when the oil gets to temperature and pressure forces it out but I would have expected oil splashes on the transmission.

I found a block of wood at the bottom maybe this was causing some of that low down knocking lol.

The transmission seems okay until you get near the exhaust mount?

Boost pipes seems okay so whats people opinions?

This is a video of the Engine Sump, Transmission Sump, Engine Mount, Boost Pipe and finding the wooden block

This is a video of the intercooler

This is a video of the EGR bare in mind its disabled both physically and ECU